Medicare Advantage plans will be covering groceries and air conditioners

Air conditioners are found to be a must for healthy groceries, asthma patients, during home-delivered meals and also while riding to medical appointments. There is good news that it may be the few added new benefits to Medicare Advantage plans as coverage and will be in effect as the new federal rules next year.

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The Medicare and Medicaid services inform that the insurers will be getting to include these extras with the Traditional Medicare. The beneficiaries of Medicare Advantage plans will enjoy additional supplemental benefits that it will ensure a healthier life and more independent lives.

Last year, the Medicare enrolled was 61 million people and nearly 20 million have taken to enroll for Medicare Advantage that is an alternative to the program of the government that is Traditional Medicare. It is run privately. The Advantage plans restrict it members by offering to visit the providers provided in the network. Of course, the new benefits will also come with similar restrictions.


There are several Medicare Advantage plans providing already some health benefits that are not Traditional Medicare covered and this includes such as dental care, eyeglasses, hearing aids and gym memberships. However, with the new rules that the industry is planning there will be good expansion towards services that may not relate to medical treatment directly.  To obtain a quote for an Medicare Advantage plan visit


It is believed that the insurers will be provided devices and care required to cure or prevent injuries or illness, address psychological effects of injuries or illness, compensate physical impairment or decrease emergency medical care.


The insurers are actually designing the policies of 2019 and these are the beginning stages, but there are ideas about their inclusion such as including the transportation of reaching the doctors’ offices and also food options. These additional benefits may come with modest modifications in the homes of the beneficiaries such as installing in the bathroom grab bars or aiding to help in dressing, personal care and eating needs, the daily activities.

As per the new rules prescription is not regarded as necessary, but to avail the benefits it should be recommended by some health care licensed provider.

Many beneficiaries are already highly attracted to Medicare Advantage owing to its extra benefits and the restriction on the expenses of out-of-pocket. However, the caution is that the new supplemental benefits are not going to be provided as an incentive or to work as encouragement to get enrolled.  It is anticipated to release with the annual open enrollment.